BUFFALO, N.Y. – Beyond Support Network is thrilled to announce the adoption of a new Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Commitment Statement. This significant development is a testament to a dedication to continuous improvement and an unwavering commitment to the people the agency supports and its dedicated staff.

Our Mission
Together, we learn, explore opportunities, and provide support so people lead fulfilling lives.

Our Vision
Everyone we support is connected, healthy, and satisfied.

Our Core Values

  • Compassionate: We understand the needs of people and act with care.
  • Adaptable: We try different things so all can succeed.
  • Engaged: We participate fully and contribute our best.
  • Impactful: We enjoy making a difference.

Our Commitment
Beyond Support Network acknowledges the deep-rooted and pervasive impacts of systemic racism experienced by people of color, and discrimination against individuals with disabilities, new Americans, and other marginalized groups. Therefore, we commit to being inclusive and advocating for change.

Process Overview
Over the past 13 months, beginning in May 2023, the senior leadership team engaged in a comprehensive and collaborative process to refine and articulate our mission, vision, core values, and commitment statement. This process included:

  • 38 Meetings
  • 500+ Emails
  • 36 Staff Members
  • 9 Board Members
  • 19 Stakeholders interviewed

Through rigorous brainstorming sessions and meticulous editing, the group synthesized hundreds of concepts into a unified and clear set of guiding principles. The new mission, vision, and values reflect the agency’s commitment to inclusivity and alignment across all aspects of the organization.

“This process has been transformative for Beyond Support Network,” Executive Director Anne Spisiak said. “The adoption of our new mission, vision, core values, and commitment statement is not just a formality; it represents our collective aspiration to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone we serve, including our staff. I am immensely proud of the dedication and collaborative spirit demonstrated by our team throughout this journey. Together, we are laying a stronger foundation for the future.”

About Beyond Support Network: Beyond Support Network is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and opportunities to individuals with disabilities, helping them lead fulfilling and connected lives.