Our highly qualified team of professionals use a person-centered planning process to develop, implement, and maintain each person’s plans and goals.

Day Habilitation Services

Day Hab Services are funded through the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). Day Hab provides individuals with disabilities opportunities to acquire and maintain independence and life skills that help them become productive members of the community. Day Hab is available on a full-time or part-time basis or in combination with other services and/or programs.

Day Hab Without Walls

Individuals who participate in “Day Hab Without Walls” learn skills while being totally immersed in the community. The focus is on volunteerism and giving back to the Western New York region while also exploring all that the community has to offer. Individuals learn to interact with the many people they encounter while developing relationships. Through volunteerism, individuals increase their self-worth and learn that the community benefits from their hard work. Promoting independence in the community is an integral part of our services.

Site-Based Day Hab

Individuals who attend “Certified Day Hab” need a higher level of staff support than is available in “Day Hab Without Walls.” The emphasis is on independent skill building and community integration. Individuals in this service work closely with staff to increase skills in independent living such as cooking, cleaning, community safety and self-preservation while also having opportunities to explore hobbies such as arts and crafts, music, culture, and language. “Certified Day Hab” also helps individuals who are declining to maintain their skills and social relationships.


The Educational Advocacy Department assists parents/families through the special education process, as this process can be very confusing and frustrating. Our advocates are trained in the educational law and work with the family to help the student receive what he/she is entitled to under the law.

Supplemental Day Hab Without Walls (I-Learn)

I-Learn (Lead, Educate, Advocate, Respect, Navigate) provides adults a relaxing, fun and exciting setting to socialize with peers, make new friends and gain greater community independence.