Beyond Support Network is equipped to provide educational tools to individuals of all ages.

School Age

School Age services provide instructional community interactive and social experiences which enhance the student’s transition to adulthood. Individualized student goals include the development/improvement of communication skills, personal hygiene, healthy lifestyles, safety, making the right choices, self-advocacy, community travel, vocational skills and self-improvement.


Students in our Preschool are made up of the greater community and are either with or without developmental delays or disabilities. Our instruction is tailored to meet his or her individual needs through a literature based thematic approach to foster your child’s strengths, while preparing him or her for a successful and fulfilling kindergarten experience.


The Beyond Learning Center strives to become partners with parents in providing daycare and education services that promote positive learning experiences, safe and nurturing environments. The staff is dedicated to ensuring developmentally appropriate and emotionally responsive supports.


Afterschool Respite is a fun and exciting afterschool service that is funded through the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities. The service, geared toward school aged students, is an essential part of the overall support needed for families and caregivers. Some students need supervision, support, and structured activities afterschool. Our service provides fun activities by our qualified staff such as games, art projects, cooking, and more.


I-Learn (Lead, Educate, Advocate, Respect, Navigate) provides adults a relaxing, fun and exciting setting to socialize with peers, make new friends and gain greater community independence.